Welcome to my newly updated web site!!!
HELLO! Well it is now mid January 2017 and I am working. I didn't realize when I was looking early on just how
crappy the job market was around here. Well I know now!
I have some time on my hands so I will be tweeking my website over the next few weeks. I plan on adding a page on
here with some items that I am selling. Actually I am working on that now.
Normally I usually put stuff on craigs list to sell it. Lately though there has been a ton of spam email, and I have
been getting calls or text in the middle of the night. Usually the text are machine generated so that is somewhat
understandable. However, some of the Bull Sh*t is people generated, I guess they are not having anything better
to do except for playing freaking games. GROW THE F**K UP PEOPLE!

As for my site, you can begin your journey into my site by clicking on the picture above to goto my
introduction page which will tell you all  about this web site's creator. The introduction page has been recently
After that follow the link to go to my links page which will let you travel to all of my different galleries and special
features. Included in my web site are my photo galleries. They are a collection of photos that I have taken
over the last several years. 99.9% of the photos you see I have taken. You could also visit my art gallery
which includes some art work that I did way back when I was in High school.
Some time in the near future I will also be adding some pages of items that I will have up for sale.
I have also posted my resume since I am currently STILL unemployed.  EMPLOYERS, you will have to email me to
get the link to my resume. I lost my job as of May 1st, 2015. This is the first time I have been unemployed in the
past in 37 years

Well please enjoy surfing through all the pages of my web site.
If you have questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to email me.
You will find a link to my email on my introduction page.
Thanks again for stopping by! Feel free to stop by at anytime. Even in the middle of the night if you are bored.

                                         Click HERE or on the picture above to enter my site.


Updated: January 21, 2017